A new method of dog training

Dog trainer Charlotte Bryan has developed a new method of dog training called “3D Dog Training”.

This method of training that focusses on the root of problematic behaviours of companion dogs.

The vast majority of dog trainers focus on the two dimensional “you have a problem and this is how you fix it”. Charlotte delves much deeper into the cause of the issue.

“The reason why many “solutions” to behavioural problems don’t work is that the solutions are trying to fix the problem itself not the root of the problem.

For instance, a common solution to stop dogs barking incessantly is to drop a bottle full of coins onto the floor. This doesn’t work at all. Why? Because when dog trainers recommend this they are trying to stop the barking rather than trying to figure out the reason behind the barking”.

This comprehensive attitude to dog training and canine behaviour as propelled Charlotte to the top of the dog training industry.

This fresh look upon dog training and behaviour modification is discussed in Charlotte’s newly released dog training seminar “Let’s Talk Dogs”.

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