Hi, my name's Charlotte. I'm a dog trainer and behaviourist.

Read all about me below.

About Me

I am a dog trainer and canine behaviourist with a Certificate in Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training. I’ve had an interest in dogs all my life which stemmed from my Bichon Frise Katie whom I got when I was 4 years old. Overall I’ve had 4 dogs but my specific interest in dog training was sparked around the time I got my third dog Milo when I was 11 years old. I began teaching Milo dog tricks after seeing a Poodle jump through a hoop at the local circus. Over the years I taught Milo many tricks and also began reading up on dog behaviour and psychology which is now my primary passion.

In 2019 I got my first Border Collie named Frankie and immediately applied my dog training knowledge. By the time Frankie was 4 months old, he already knew 50 tricks and was reliable off leash in distracting environments. Currently at a year and a half old, Frankie knows 143 tricks (and counting).

I’ve always had a passion for helping other dog owners and providing advice. In 2020, I started running my own dog training lessons in Gatton where I am studying Veterinary Technology at the University of Queensland with the goal of becoming a fully qualified Veterinarian.

In addition to my dog training, I’ve also:

  • Written a Children’s book titled “Frankie’s Alphabet Day” which is designed to help kids learn the alphabet. You can find it here on Amazon Kindle.
  • Launched the Chat Before You Pat initiative which is a campaign designed to encourage the public to 1) ask before they pat someone else’s dog and 2) refrain from patting the dog on top of the head (because some dogs may find that scary!)
  • Launched a podcast called PupAudio designed to stop dog’s being scared of everyday noises such as thunder, storms, fireworks etc.
  • Launched Puppl School an online dog trick and nosework course.
  • Received official certification for being a Trick Dog Instructor
  • Trained Frankie to the official level of Advanced Trick Dog
  • Volunteered as a dog handler and trainer at the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge.
  • Worked as a Vet Nurse Assist + Receptionist at Mountain Creek Veterinary Clinic.
  • Created and hosted the 2020 Sunshine Coast Dog Awards.
  • Worked as an acting extra on the Netflix film Romance On The Menu.
  • Obtained my First Dan Black Belt in Rhee Tae Kwon-Do where I assist in instructing classes and have developed a passion for teaching women and children how to defend themselves.

I’ve also worked as a website strategist for WebsiteStrategies through which I developed a number of skills including website building, graphic design, video and content creator, social media use and marketing, and SEO/marketing strategies.