Animal Trainer & Wrangler For Hire Australia

My name is Charlotte Bryan and I am an animal trainer for film and TV in Australia and overseas.

As both a trainer and behaviourist, I provide a unique approach to training animals for films and TV.

My knowledge is the result of 10 years experience in the animal training industry, 8 years researching animal behaviour, studying animal behaviour at university, training my own dogs and those of my clients in both obedience and tricks, receiving my Certificate in Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training, solving behaviour issues in my clients’ dogs, and private Q&A sessions with the top experts in the animal wrangling field such as Omar von Muller who is renowned for training ‘Hollywood’s Smartest Dog’, Jumpy.

All animals that I train are trained using positive reinforcement and low stress handling.

I have experience training dogs, cats, rats, mice, fish, guinea pigs, birds, fish and reptiles.

Do you have a project that needs an animal? No project is too big or too small and I train animals for both feature films, TV shows, photography shoots and short student films.

Hire me for your next feature film, tv show or student project by enquiring at

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