Canine Freestyle


Canine Freestyle (or dances with dogs) is a contemporary dog sport that incorporates a mixture of dog tricks, dog obedience and dance- all performed to music.

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    Any dogs can participate in canine freestyle- unlike other dog sports such as dog agility (which requires dogs that have good agility, speed and coordination). However dogs commonly seen in the ring include:

    PCT Doggy Client: Frankie
    Border Collie

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    Poodle - One of the best agility dogs

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    Golden Retriever - One of the best canine freestyle routines
    Golden Retrievers

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    German Shepherd Dog - One of the best agility dogs
    German Shepherd Dogs

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    Belgian Malinois - One of the best agility dogs
    Belgian Malinois

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    Australian Shepherd - One of the best agility dogs
    Australian Shepherds

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    Papillon - One of the best agility dogs

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    Shetland Sheepdog - One of the best agility dogs
    Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

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    There are so many tricks out there that could be incorporated into a routine, all it takes is a little imagination!

    What follows is a list of some easy-to-teach dog tricks often seen in dances with dogs routines:

    • Sit Pretty
    • Bow
    • Spin
    • Circle Handler
    • Circle Handler (Backwards)
    • Leap (jump straight up in air)
    • Jump through/over handler’s arms
    • reverse away from handler
    • turn and back up towards handler
    • forward roll
    • roll over
    • crawl
    • and many more
    • Dogs refuse a trick (or are cued by the handler more than once before completing it)
    • Exiting the ring before the routine is over (unless handler or dog accidentally steps outside the ring during the performance)
    • Defecating or urinating whilst in the ring

    ANKC Canine Freestyle Competition Rules

    As of 2019, the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) have officially updated the Rules For The Conduct Of Dances With Dogs Competitions.

    Download the new rule handbook below:

    ANKC DWD & HTM Rules [133 KB]


    • Requirements of DWD and HTM routines
    • Titles & Rings
    • Exhibit Requirements
    • Competing
    • Withdrawl/Removal of a dog
    • Competing
      And much more

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      Border Collie Frankie's Canine Freestyle (Dances With Dogs) Trick Combos

      A series of 10-second videos showing Border Collie Frankie's cool canine freestyle (Dances With Dogs) trick combinations.

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