Changing Blade of Wahl KM 2 Dog Groomer

In this video, I will quickly show you how to change/replace the blade of a Wahl KM 2 Dog Groomer.


Hey there, it’s Charlotte from Paws Claws & Tails. Today I’m just going to show you how to change the blade of a dog groomer. We’ve got a Wahl KM 2 which we use on our dogs and it works really, really well. Unfortunately the blade wore down, so we just bought a new one, and I’ll show you how to change that now. This blade, it comes in a really nice packaging. It comes with oil and some instructions. Let’s open that up. Okay, so basically what you want to do is you just want to push up this gray button on the back of your groomer. You want to push it up and you want to pull the head a bit back. Then it slides off.

I’ll show you again just quickly. You push the button up as far as it will go, you pull the head back and you pull it off. See, you’ll notice there’s a lot of hair on that, so I’ll just give that a quick brush now. Normally when you buy a Wahl, it comes with a brush and oil and the head itself, but you can just get some extra accessories. Okay, now with the new head, this just comes on … this bit here goes onto this slot here, so it goes in and it should be like that. Then it goes down and you push it in, and it clicks. I’ll just show you one last time. You push the button to get it off. You push the button up, you pull the head back and you slide the head off. To put it on, you slide this bit into that slot there. With your hand off the button, you just slide it on like that. It should be loose, and then you just pull it on. There you are, thank you so much and we’ll see you next time.

I have been training dogs and studying their behaviour for over 10 years. I have a Certificate in Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training. I have a particular passion for helping other dog owners. You can follow my talented Border Collie Frankie on Instagram (@BorderCollieFrankie) and on Facebook (@TheK9Superstars)

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