Get free online dog behaviour help today!

How do I make my dog listen to me?
How do I make my dog more obedient?
How do I get my dog to pay attention and listen?
How do I become the pack leader?

Is this you?

My name is Charlotte and I am offering online dog behaviour – so no matter where you live, you can get free help.

I have a huge passion for re-training dogs- either fixing bad habits a dog has or shaping behaviours in dogs.

No matter what you need help with- whether it be improving socialisation, reducing aggression, decreasing anxiety, stopping digging, stopping incessant barking or whining or anything else then feel free to fill out the contact form and send me a question. I’m always happy to help!


All I would like in return is if you are happy with the dog behaviour advice I have given you then please give me a positive review and send through a picture of your dog to display on my website.


Can’t wait to help you!