Dog Obedience Classes
& Puppy School

I provide formal dog obedience training classes and puppy pre-school in the Gatton, Lockyer Valley region of Queensland.
There are two courses offered by PCT at this current time. The General Dog Obedience Course and the Puppy Pre-school Course.
The General Dog Obedience Course is for dogs aged at least 6 months at the time of their first class.
The Puppy Pre-school Course is for puppies aged 2-5 months who have had their vaccinations.
Courses are $120 each - however we have a couple of discount opportunities:
$20 off the full course price to both you and a referred friend who enrols their dog or puppy in a PCT course.
$20 off the full course price for both the Puppy Pre-school Course and the General Dog Obedience Course if you pay for both at once.
Enquire now using the enquiry form and book a place in one of my free first timers sessions.
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Feel free to bring your dog or puppy along to my free introductory information sessions on a Sunday afternoon that suits you.
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Premium and affordable
dog training services


Paws, Claws & Tails has 2 courses; one for puppies and one for adult dogs. Each course is 8 weeks and is designed to get your dog trained fast (not skimping on quality)!
Puppy Class in Gatton

For puppies aged between 2 months and 6 months.

Advanced Class At Paws, Claws & Tails

For dogs who have successfully graduated from Intermediate 2 and have been invited to join the Advanced class.

What Your Dog Will Learn Over The Course Of The General Obedience Program

By the time your dog graduates from Intermediate 2, they will be reliable in the following (so long as time, effort and consistency has been put into practice by you):
Dog Sit
Sit (With Automatic Stay)
Drop (With Automatic Stay)
Dog Stand
Stand (With Automatic Stay)
Dog recall
Come (Reliable Recall)
Dog Focus
Dog socialisation
Confidence Building At PCT
Confidence In Different Situations
Handling Compliance Training At PCT
Handling Compliance
Loose Lead Walking Training At PCT
Loose Lead Walking
Food Refusal At PCT
Food Refusal (If Offered By Person Or On Ground)
Crate Training At PCT
Crate Training

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Place Training At PCT
Place Training
Impulse Control At PCT
Impulse Control
Heavy Equipment Socialisation At PCT
Desensitisation To Heavy Equipment (Mowers, Leaf Blowers, Whipper Snippers etc)
Working & Release Modes
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Get A Well Trained Dog
In Three Steps

  • 1
    Attend A First Timers Session

    If you decide that you want Paws, Claws & Tails to be your dog obedience club then sign up.

  • 2
    Attend Classes

    Attend weekly classes with your dog - don't forget to practice at home during the week!

  • 3
    Your Well Trained Dog

    As you attend more and more classes (and practice at home), your dog's focus and reliability will improve and you will see your dog turning into the well behaved pet you've always wanted.