Dog Training School – The Good and The Bad

In their wild state, dogsget training on how to behave from their parents and their packs. Once you adopt a dog, you effectively become the leader of their pack which makes it your responsibility to provide the training they require for harmonious living with humans. A well-trained dog increases the satisfaction of dog ownership while an untrained dog can turn the experience to a nightmare.

Training a dog can be a challenging and time-consuming process, which is the reason why most dog parents prefer to seek professional help from a dog training school to teach their dogs obedience and get them to follow instructions. With the help of a professional dog trainer, getting your dog to behave can be a relatively easy and fun experience.

While it’s overwhelmingly beneficial to get your dog enrolled in a dog training school, there could be some downsides – especially if you don’t get the right trainer for you and your dog.

The good

The benefits for taking your dog to a training school are endless. Here are five of the top benefits for enlisting a professional to help train your pooch.

  1. Professional help. By getting your dog enlisted in a dog training school, you get access to the help of a knowledgeable and experienced dog training expert. As such, they’re in a much better position to diagnose behavioural issues with your dog and provide structured solutions on how to eradicate these unwanted behaviours.

Working with a professional dog trainer takes the guesswork out of dog training which makes the process a lot easier for you and eliminates the chances of making mistakes – which could take a lot of time to rectify.

  • Socialisation. Dog training school provides your dog with the opportunity to interact with other dogs which can be especially important for puppies who have not had this opportunity before. Dog training classes help dogs learn how to communicate with other dogs which is important for their development.

Dog parents also get the chance to meet and interact with other dog owners during training classes. Here you can make friends who you can arrange future dog playdates with and exchange experiences with people facing similar dog ownership issues.

  • Develop a closer bond. It’s every dog owner’s wish to have a strong and loving relationship with their pet. This can be extremely difficult to do if the mutt is poorly behaved and keeps getting the owner in all sorts of problems. In fact, if a dog keeps disappointing their owner, the bad behaviour could easily breed regret or resentment for the dog owner.

With the help of a professional, you can effectively train your dog to get them to behave appropriately. This will ensure that your pup will be able to live up to your expectations which will prevent disappointments. Without these ill feelings, a closer and deeper bond is guaranteed to develop between dog and owner.

  • Mental stimulation. Just like us, dogs also need to be stimulated mentally in order to keep them happy and healthy. Enrolling in training school gives your dog the chance to partake in new learning experiences which stimulates their minds and contributes to their overall happiness.

You’ll also have a lot of fun learning new tactics and developing new skills for training your dog. Dog training is a stimulating and rewarding experience for both pet and owner.

The bad

As mentioned earlier, there are few downsides to enrolling your dog in training school. But there could be a couple of negatives:

  1. Too much stimulation. For dogs that are extremely troublesome, a class environment could provide too much stimulation for them which could result in worsening of their behaviours. For such dogs, private training classes are a better option, especially in the beginning, to get rid of some of the more serious behavioural problems.
  2. Scheduled classes. Dog training schools offer group classes which are scheduled on set dates and times. This can be inconveniencing if you have an unpredictable schedule. Private dog training lessons could be a better option for you if your schedule is challenging.

From what we’ve covered, it’s clear that enrolling in a dog training school or puppy school is an excellent way to train your dog. Just make sure the lessons are right for both you and your dog and the results should be nothing short of amazing.

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