Dog Walking Sunshine Coast

Adventure Enrichment Dog Walks While You're At Work

Leaving Your Dog At Home While You Go To Work?

Book them an adventure walk with Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan to break up their day while you're out at work!

Training humans to train their dogs.

We understand that leaving your dog at home all day is difficult. So, why not break up your dog’s day with an enriching adventure walk. Qualified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan will talk your dog out with her own dogs and some other friendly ones on a bush walk, an off leash run, a free swim or a trip to your local dog park (if the dog park is free of other dogs).

How Does This Sunshine Coast Dog Walking Service Work?

You can choose what package you’d prefer:

  • Social Pupperfly – Your dog will mingle with other dogs at an off leash area where they can run around or go for a swim – $70
  • FitK9 – Your dog will go for a leashed bush walk/hike with Charlotte & her dogs – $100

Please be assured that your dog is in the best care possible. Charlotte looks after every dog she works with as if they were her own.

Got special instructions regarding your dog? For instance, no swimming, no treats, no off leash? No worries! Let Charlotte know when you book and she’ll ensure they are followed to the T.

The Key Areas That Charlotte Can Help You With Are...

  • Begging at the table while you eat
  • Showing aggressive behaviour to other animals or people
  • Is nervous and lacks confidence
  • Barking “uncontrollably”
  • Not coming when called
  • Not listening to you when out and about
  • Howling at inappropriate times
  • Inappropriate weeing in house
  • Inappropriate pooing in house
  • Jumping up on you or jumping up on visitors to your home
  • Mouthing, nipping or play biting
  • Excessive paw chewing or licking
  • Noise phobias – fear of fireworks, fear of thunderstorms
  • Poo eating
  • Digging your garden or flower beds
  • Is doing compulsive behaviours like tail chasing
  • Is pulling on the leash
  • Is lunging at other dogs while you’re walking
  • Food guarding or resource guarding
  • Has separation anxiety
  • Whining for attention
  • Marking in house
  • Mounting
  • Herding people and other animals
  • Inappropriate chasing – chasing cars, bikes, skateboards etc.
  • Jumping on furniture
  • Escaping your property

How Do You Start – What is the process?

Call 0435 740 077 or email

Charlotte will email a questionnaire for you to fill out to give Charlotte a clearer picture of your dog’s history and the problem behaviour.

Charlotte will arrange a date and time for your first session – the first session is FREE!

During your first session, Charlotte will observe the problem behaviour, give you some tips that you can implement straight away and suggest a plan to improve the behaviour going forwards.

After the meeting, Charlotte will email you a summary of what was discussed and the plan going forwards.