How To Teach Your Disc Dog To Vault Off Your Back And Catch A Frisbee

In this trick tutorial, learn how to teach your disc dog to leap off your back and catch a frisbee in mid-air! This is an impressive trick often seen in disc dog competitions. As it is a jumping trick, ensure you warm up your dog beforehand by taking them for a brisk walk and doing some easy tricks and stretches such as spins, figure 8, sit pretty, bow and back up. PLEASE NOTE: This trick involves jumping and therefore is not suitable for puppies. Please make sure your puppy’s growth plates have closed before starting to teach this trick. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you when their growth plates have closed.

Below are the steps for teaching your dog how to leap off your back to catch a flying disc:

Step 1 – Teach your dog to jump onto a box or a small platform.

Step 2 – Cue your dog to jump onto your platform and then encourage them to catch the frisbee.

Step 3 – Cue your dog to jump onto the platform and then catch the frisbee in one motion. Then encourage your dog to get a running start. Then get low so your dog gets used to you bending down. You may need to start tossing the frisbee a little bit.

Step 4 – Lie down on the platform and hold the frisbee up. Cue your dog to jump on your back and then get the frisbee.

Step 5 – When your dog is confident, try getting rid of the platform. Stay on your hands and knees.

Step 6 – Try tossing the frisbee a little bit. Even if your dog doesn’t catch the frisbee, make sure you reward them anyway! We are rewarding the jumping, not the catching.


For your convenience, here is a video showing you exactly how you teach this fantastic trick:

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