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My rescue dog is well behaved while I am at home but chews everything when I leave the house!

my dog chews everything while I am not at home

Question For Charlotte

Hi Charlotte,

I have recently adopted a rescue dog and have been training her since Day 1.

While I am at home, she is very well-trained. But whenever I leave the house she always chews everything and spreads muddy paw prints throughout the entire house!

I don’t know how to deal with this because I am not at home when she does it!

She has lots of chew toys and treat-filled kongs. I am also getting a calming collar.

How do I fix this?




Charlotte’s Answer

Hi Simone,

Firstly, well done on getting training started early!

One of the reasons your new family member is “acting up” when you’re not at home may well be because of stress. I also think that perhaps she’s got a bit too much freedom while you’re not home. You’re definitely on the right track with having plenty of toys and chews lying around for your dog.

My advice is to confine her to a smaller area of your home – you can use a dog play pen or baby gates. You could even assign her a room of your home for her to chill out in when you’re not with her. Make sure you are also exercising her well before you leave her alone.

Hope this helps,


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