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Bindi & Stella


Stella is a five year old Border Collie cross who knows over 80 dog tricks!

Bindi is a ten month old Kelpie cross who is a budding agility, flyball and frisbee dog!

They both love going on adventures, doing tricks, agility and having fun!


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Arlo & Gunner – The Chocolate Dogs


Meet The Chocolate Dogs. Arlo is a chocolate Merle, border collie, born on the 19th of May 2019. He has a serious toy obsession and LOVES cuddles if your quick enough. He has more energy then anything ever! So keeping him physically and mentally challenged can be hard some days, but can never go wrong with a good walk and game of ball.

Gunner is a chocolate and white Husky X Malamute born on the 7th of November 2019. He can be extremely lazy but on the down low LOVES a good rough game with Arlo. Gunner is definitely a mummy s boy and throughly enjoys coming into the vet clinic when Mum works. He is seriously food obsessed making him easy to train basic commands and hopefully to advance.


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Charlie is a 5 year old Labrador that loves to do somersaults when he’s excited! Whenever you get home from anywhere, Charlie will greet you with something in his mouth hb as a present for you! He knows a lot of tricks but his favourites are high five, spin and roll over!


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Bindi – World Of Bindi


Bindi is a 6 month old Basenji who is very cheeky and energetic. She loves Loves to chase and be chased, hates water, and is very stubborn so she’s still learning!


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Cairo is a goofy 1 year old German Shepherd that loves to sit in the middle position, especially when greeting people!


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Bailey is a 6 month old Border Collie. He is a sucker for belly rubs and cuddles on the couch and will do just about anything for a treat! Bailey loves car trips and having mum hold his paw. His favourite trick is knuckles!


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Indie & Oscar – My Wild Pups


Indie is a one year old German Short-haired Pointer-Kelpie cross. She knows over 60 dog tricks and her favourite trick is either the dog catch or roll over. Indie is an aspiring sport dog!


Oscar is a two year old French Bulldog who is quite social and loves other people and cuddles! He also loves to model and might be getting into some scent work soon.


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