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PupAudio - A Podcast For Dogs

Desensitise Your Dog To Common Sounds & Noises

Stop Your Dog Reacting To Common Noises & Sounds

Does your dog bark when the doorbell goes off? Does your dog bark when they hear another dog bark? Is your dog scared of fireworks?

This reactivity to sounds won’t go away on its own – you need to gradually expose them to these sounds they are reactive to.

What Is The PupAudio Podcast?

PupAudio is a cutting-edge dog desensitisation system developed by Charlotte Bryan that is designed to reduce a dog’s reactivity to common household noises.

All you need to do is paly the podcast for your dog, starting with the volume on minimum and slowly building it up.

How Does The PupAudio Podcast Work?

Each PupAudio episode focuses on a different household sound that your pooch will hear often (for instance, the sound of a doorbell ringing or the barking dog next door). Every episode has an introduction by Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan followed by the triggering sound. The trigger sound is repeated for the remainder of the episode so you can leave it by your dog (either when they are inside their crate or just on their bed). Over time your dog becomes more and more desensitised to the sound, decreasing the likelihood of your dog barking (or reacting) when they hear that sound in the future.

How To Use The PupAudio Podcast To Successfully Desensitise Your Pooch

  1. Identify the sound that triggers your dog’s barking (or reaction) and find the corresponding PupAudio episode.
  2. Keeping the volume on your phone low, play the episode to your dog while they are calm (ie in their crate or on their bed).
  3. Calmly reward your dog when they are relaxed and quiet. If they react to the sound then ignore this behaviour.
  4. When you can play the entire PupAudio episode without your dog reacting you can gradually increase your phone’s volume (only increase it incrementally over several training sessions).
  5. You have desensitised your dog to the sound once you can play the PupAudio episode with your phone volume on full. When you reach this stage, you should continue to play the sound regularly (once every 1-2 weeks) to maintain your dog’s training.

Listen To PupAudio

Choose the appropriate trigger sound below and start desensitising your dog to sounds:

How Does The PupAudio Podcast Work?

exposure, desensitisation, counter conditioning, rewards no punishment. amygdala – Dogs have a hippocampus because they have to remember things, too. They have an amygdala because they get aroused and excited and scared, just like we do.

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