EVERYTHING CANCELLED FOR 2020 – all dog training classes have been cancelled for 2020. No private dog training either. Online Dog training Help Coming Soon.

What age should I start training my puppy?
How do you house train a puppy?
How do you discipline a puppy?
What is the best way to train a puppy?

Is this you? Do you have these same questions?

My name is Charlotte and I am offering puppy pre-school classes in Gatton and the Lockyer Valley region of SEQ in 2020.

Puppy training and pre-school classes are vital because it the training your pup recieves during its first few weeks is the foundation of your dog’s attitude, behaviour and habits later in life. The habits your puppy forms now at his/her young age, be them good or bad, are going to carry through to adulthood. Get started right by training your puppy with Paws, Claws & Tails!

Book your puppy in for an 8 week course on socialisation and basic training today. We have a limited number of puppies per class so book early.

No matter what part of training your puppy you need help with- whether it be potty training, house training, leash training or crate training.

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