Puppy Socialisation
Sunshine Coast

Give Your Puppy the Best Start: Safe Socialisation During the Critical Period!

Join Our Weekly Puppy Fun Day™ – Socialise Safely During The Critical Socialisation Period & Nurture Lifelong Confidence!

  • Early Socialisation: Safely introduce your puppy to a controlled environment with other friendly pups, helping them develop essential social skills during their critical developmental stage.
  • Professional Supervision: Our certified and experienced trainers provide expert guidance and supervision, ensuring every interaction is positive and nurturing, setting the foundation for a well-behaved and confident adult dog.
  • Secure Environment: Rest assured, our weekly Puppy Fun Day™ is held in a meticulously maintained space, minimizing health risks and allowing your puppy to experience the joy of socialisation without compromising their well-being.

Are You Time-Restricted Or Can’t Take Your Puppy Out Because They Aren’t Fully Vaccinated? Our Safe Socialisation Program is the Answer!

Does this sound like you?

  1. I want to start socialising my puppy in a safe environment but I can’t take them out to public places until they’re fully vaccinated.
  2. I want a way to wear my puppy out and start developing social skills without putting my puppy at risk of negative experiences or diseases.
  3. I already attend puppy school but want an additional way to socialise my puppy in a safe way.

These roadblocks shouldn’t prevent you from socialising your puppy. Discover our solution: an accessible, effective, and enjoyable puppy socialisation and training day.

Unlock the Benefits: Discover What Sets Our Weekly Puppy Socialisation Service Apart!

Safe Socialisation

We offer a controlled environment where unvaccinated puppies can socialise with other friendly, healthy pups of the same status. This safe socialization helps them develop essential social skills during their critical developmental stage, fostering confidence and positive behaviour. This service allows “safe socialisation” of two forms:

1. Safe from diseases (no unvaccinated adult dogs), and

2. Safe from negative experiences (controlled socialisation run by qualified and experienced puppy trainers)

Mentally Stimulate Your Puppy Through Training

Throughout Puppy Fun Day™, we conduct short 1 on 1 training sessions with your puppy to mentally stimulate them and reinforce their basic training.

Your Puppy Will Return To You Happy & Tired

Puppy Fun Day™ consists of many different activities designed to boost their social skills, confidence and training. We also incorporate several structured nap times throughout the day to ensure that your puppy goes home tired but not over tired.

Puppies who leave us at the end of the day, return home happy, physically tired, mentally stimulated, calm and content.

With Our Weekly Puppy Fun Day™, You Get:

  1. Socialisation and Structured Playtime: Your puppy will interact and play with other friendly pups in a controlled and safe environment, fostering important social skills and positive behaviour.
  2. Confidence-Boosting Exercises: Our experienced trainers incorporate confidence-building exercises to help your pup develop self-assurance and overcome any shyness.
  3. Mental Stimulation: We provide engaging mental puzzles and activities to keep your puppy’s mind active, promoting mental development and problem-solving skills.
  4. Surface Socialisation: Your puppy will be exposed to various surfaces, textures, and environments, helping them become well-adjusted and adaptable to different situations.
  5. Basic Training: Our trainers will work on essential commands and behaviours with your puppy, laying the groundwork for a well-behaved and obedient companion. We can also work on specific skills – e.g. jumping up.
  6. Complimentary Brushing: As part of our service, we offer a complimentary brush session to keep your puppy’s coat clean and healthy.
  7. Free Nail Trimming: Your puppy will receive a free nail trimming session to ensure their paws are well-maintained and comfortable.
  8. One-on-One Time with Trainers: Numbers are limited so your puppy receives personalised attention and guidance from our certified trainers, addressing specific needs and providing individual support.

At our weekly Puppy Fun Day™, we believe in providing a holistic and enriching experience for your puppy, fostering their physical, mental, and social development in a safe and nurturing environment.

Take Action Now & Unlock Your Puppy’s Full Potential!

Without Action:

  • Missed socialization opportunities could lead to ongoing behaviour challenges, anxiety around other dogs, and difficulty adapting to new environments.
  • Your puppy might miss out on crucial learning experiences during their critical socialization period, hindering their confidence and social skills.
  • Costly and inflexible training programs may not prioritise the essential aspect of early puppy socialization.

With Our Weekly Puppy Fun Day™ program:

  • Witness remarkable transformations in your puppy’s behaviour as they engage in safe and structured playtime with other friendly pups, fostering positive social interactions.
  • Nurture your puppy’s confidence and adaptability through expert-guided socialization exercises, ensuring they grow into a well-adjusted and happy adult dog.
  • Embrace an affordable and puppy-focused training solution, empowering you as a puppy parent while unlocking your furry friend’s true social potential.

Don’t wait—enrol in our Puppy Fun Day™ program today and give your puppy the best start in life. Take action now to create a confident and socially skilled puppy, ready to conquer the world with joy and enthusiasm!

Limited Spots for Maximum Attention!

At Paws, Claws & Tails, we believe in providing the best possible experience for every adorable pup that joins our Puppy Fun Day™. To ensure that each puppy receives individualised care and attention, we limit our weekly attendance to just 10 puppies.

Why the Limit?

By capping the number of attendees, we can guarantee that your puppy enjoys quality one-on-one time with our certified trainers. This allows us to closely monitor their progress, address specific needs, and tailor the socialization and training experience to suit their unique personality.

Maximizing Value with Discounted Packages

We’re thrilled to offer a range of discounted packages that cater to your puppy’s individual needs while also being gentle on your wallet. Each package is carefully designed to deliver maximum value, ensuring your furry friend benefits from a well-rounded and enjoyable Puppy Fun Day™ experience.

Our Packages:

🏆 Prepaid 8x Puppy Fun Day Pack – Only $560 (SAVE $15 per day – save $120 total) Give your little bundle of joy the gift of socialization and learning with our 8x Puppy Fun Day Pack! This package offers exceptional savings of $15 per day, adding up to a fantastic $120 discount in total. It’s the paw-fect choice for puppies who thrive in a consistent and nurturing environment.

🥈 Prepaid 6x Puppy Fun Day Pack – Only $450 (SAVE $10 per day – save $60 total) For those looking for a fantastic balance between value and convenience, our 6x Puppy Fun Day Pack is an ideal choice. By opting for this package, you’ll save $10 per day, amounting to an incredible $60 overall. It’s perfect for pet parents who are eager to kickstart their puppy’s socialization journey.

🥉 Prepaid 4x Puppy Fun Day Pack – Only $320 (SAVE $5 per day – save $20 total) Experience the joys of Puppy Fun Day™ without compromising on quality or savings. Our 4x Puppy Fun Day Pack allows you to save $5 per day, totaling a delightful $20 discount. It’s an excellent option for those who want a taste of the fun while benefiting from some cost-effective cuteness!

🐾 Single Puppy Fun Day™ – One-off $85 If you prefer to take it one step at a time, we’ve got you covered! Our single-day option grants your puppy an exciting day filled with socialization and training for just $85. It’s a great opportunity to try out the Puppy Fun Day™ experience and see firsthand how much your little pup will adore it.

Spaces fill up quickly, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to give your puppy the best start in life. Enroll in our Puppy Fun Day™ now and secure a spot for your furry companion to embark on a journey of socialization, learning, and boundless fun!