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Looking For A Qualified Sunshine Coast Dog Behaviourist?

Is your dog struggling with chronic anxiety, compulsive behaviours, severe reactivity or severe phobias? A Sunshine Coast Dog Behaviourist Is Who You Need.

Training humans to train their dogs.

“My dog who is very nervous around people,loved Charlotte. The lessons are very informative not only teaching my dog but myself as well. Charlotte gives a written report on Dusty’s progess and what we will do in future lessons.”

– Donna S with Dusty

Charlotte Bryan is one of the Sunshine Coast’s few Dog Behaviourists. There are many dog trainers on the Coast but these trainers cover mainly; dog obedience, puppy development and “habit breaking”. Charlotte specialises in more extreme issues including:

  • Severe Dog Phobias, Fear & Nervousness
  • Extreme Reactivity
  • Canine Compulsive Disorders, and
  • Chronic Anxiety in Dogs

Charlotte’s passion is in building confidence in your dog and figuring out the reason behind their behaviour – because no dog just does certain things for the sake of it – there is always a reason WHY behind it.

What Is The Difference Between A Dog Trainer & Dog Behaviourist?

A common misconception is that a Dog Trainer and a Dog Behaviourist are one and the same – but this is not the case.

If we look at the difference between dog training and dog behaviour modification:

Dog training teaches a dog to comply with a verbal command provided by the owner when they are present. However, dog behaviour modification however, is helping your dog to develop the “tools” necessary to cope and respond to different situations without:

  • without the need for you to give your dog a verbal command, or
  • without the the owner even needing to be present.

Therefore, a dog trainer will teach you how to teach your dog specific commands whereas a Dog Behaviourist will delve into the WHY of dog training and focus on figuring out the reason behind your dog’s behaviour.

The Key Areas That Charlotte Can Help You With Are...

  • Begging at the table while you eat
  • Showing aggressive behaviour to other animals or people
  • Is nervous and lacks confidence
  • Barking “uncontrollably”
  • Not coming when called
  • Not listening to you when out and about
  • Howling at inappropriate times
  • Inappropriate weeing in house
  • Inappropriate pooing in house
  • Jumping up on you or jumping up on visitors to your home
  • Mouthing, nipping or play biting
  • Excessive paw chewing or licking
  • Noise phobias – fear of fireworks, fear of thunderstorms
  • Poo eating
  • Digging your garden or flower beds
  • Is doing compulsive behaviours like tail chasing
  • Is pulling on the leash
  • Is lunging at other dogs while you’re walking
  • Food guarding or resource guarding
  • Has separation anxiety
  • Whining for attention
  • Marking in house
  • Mounting
  • Herding people and other animals
  • Inappropriate chasing – chasing cars, bikes, skateboards etc.
  • Jumping on furniture
  • Escaping your property

How Do You Start – What is the process?

Call 0435 740 077 or email

Charlotte will email a questionnaire for you to fill out to give Charlotte a clearer picture of your dog’s history and the problem behaviour.

Charlotte will arrange a date and time for your first session so she can get to know you and your dog and so she can see what the problem behaviour is.

During your first session, Charlotte will observe the problem behaviour, give you some tips that you can implement straight away and suggest a plan to improve the behaviour going forwards.

After the meeting, Charlotte will email you a summary of what was discussed and the plan going forwards.

Dog Training And Dog Behaviour Sunshine Coast Charlotte Bryan

Reactive Dog Training Sunshine Coast

Struggling with your dog’s reactivity?

In simple terms, dog reactivity is when your dog over-reacts to the environment around them or the situation they’re in. Common behaviours displayed by a reactive dog include: barking, lunging or growling (among others). Reactivity can be caused by a number of things, the more common ones are:

  • A lack of adequate socialisation during the dog’s critical development period as a puppy
  • A negative experience with a dog, person, situation etc (especially during the critical development period as a puppy)

Reactivity can also stem from a dog’s genetic makeup – a dog that is inherently more nervous is more likely to react to their surroundings.

If your dog is reacting as a result of a bad experience or lack of socialisation then Charlotte can help you first identify the cause of your dog’s reactivity and provide you with some tips that you can implement to help improve your dog’s reactivity.

If your dog is inherently a more nervous dog then Charlotte can show you how you can help reduce their overall anxiety through building their confidence.

Border Collie Training Sunshine Coast

Struggling with your Border Collie?

Whoever said “Border Collies are the easiest breed to train” clearly never owned one. Border Collies are a very special breed – with their intelligence comes an increased sensitivity and as a result these dogs require a different type of training and handling to many other breeds. Therefore, you need a different type of dog trainer – one who is familiar and experienced with the breed.

Border Collies are not suitable as your average pet – they require a job to do and if these needs are not fulfilled then they can become bored, destructive, hyperactive and hard to live with.

Border Collies are very intelligent animals. Yes, they can pick up new tricks and commands very easily. But this intelligence means they pick up bad habits just as quickly as good ones. Their intelligence also makes them extra sensitive and therefore they can be more prone to nervousness, phobias and anxiety more so than other breeds.

Charlotte loves Border Collies and she currently has a beautiful one of her own. Charlotte can help you with your Border Collie

Do you need help keeping your Border Collie mentally stimulated?

Do you struggle to calm your hyper Border Collie down?

Charlotte can help – Click the button below to enquire now.

Dog Obedience Training Sunshine Coast

Simply looking for a dog trainer to help you and your dog with the basics like sit, down, stay, come, heel? Sunshine Coast dog trainer Charlotte can help you with these basic obedience commands and more including “Go to your bed”.

Rescue Dog Training Sunshine Coast

There’s nothing more gratifying than adopting a resuce dog – you’re giving a dog another chance in life. Rescue dogs are often called “the best breed” of dog and it’s easy to understand why – shelter dogs have so much love to give. Unfortunately shelters and rescues often don’t have enough volunteers to give every dog they rescue that one on one training time. As a result, rescue dogs can develop some bad habits while they wait for their forever home.

Have you recently adopted a rescue dog? Book a session with Sunshine Coast Dog Trainer Charlotte Bryan and get some help integrating your new companion into your home so the transition is as smooth as possible for both you and your new dog.

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