Dog Training Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for a dog trainer in the Sunshine Coast?

Dog Training Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for a dog trainer in the Sunshine Coast?

Private Dog Training Lessons Sunshine Coast

Dog Trainer Charlotte Bryan & Border Collie Frankie

Sunshine Coast Dog Trainer Charlotte Bryan is offering private dog training sessions on the Sunshine Coast.

Charlotte can help you dog with general obedience, leash reactivity, biting, jumping, chewing and more!

Puppy Preschool Classes Sunshine Coast

Puppy Training with Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan

Learn how to PROPERLY socialise your puppy & teach them the basics; sit, down, stay, come as well as curbing common puppy behaviour problems.

Read more about what our class will cover >

Looking For A Qualified Sunshine Coast Dog Trainer or Dog Behaviourist?

Need dog training or canine behaviour help? Qualified Sunshine Coast Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan provides dog training to Sunshine Coast dog owners. She also offers behaviour modification and dog trick training.

Do you have these dog “problems”?

  • My dog doesn’t take notice of me
  • My dog doesn’t settle down
  • My dog keeps running out the door
  • My dog doesn’t respect me
  • My dog doesn’t behave
  • My dog is out of control
  • My dog doesn’t listen to me
  • How Do I communicate with my dog?


During April, May & June 2021, Charlotte will be only offering Online Dog Training in the Sunshine Coast area as part of her COVIDSafe, contactless dog training services.

Special April Introductory Offer – $49.00 (discounted from $99.00) for a one hour online dog training session, video and action plan.

Dog Trainer Charlotte Bryan & Border Collie Frankie

How Does Online Dog Training Work?

Charlotte is offering a special online dog training package:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your issue of your dog behaviour issue or training requirement.
  • Development of a customised solution to suit your needs.
  • One hour video meeting (ideally on Zoom) – this will be recorded (and sent to you) where possible.
  • Follow up report and action plan.

How Do You Start

Fill out the enquiry form on our Contact page and ask any initial questions you may have.

Once you are sure you want to proceed with an online dog training session, Charlotte will ask you to fill out our comprehensive questionnaire and select a time that best suits you.

Charlotte may ask you for more information or record your dog’s behaviour prior to the meeting so she can give the most comprehensive solution during your meeting.

Charlotte will help you organise what video meeting platform we use (it will be a free one) and will ensure you are confident in how to join the meeting.


How Much Does An Online Dog Behaviour Consultation Cost?

Behaviour Consultations normally cost $99. However in April we are running a special Introductory offer of $49.00.

Want to learn more about our Online Dog Training? Visit our Online Dog Training page or send us an enquiry.

Here’s how Charlotte can help you with your dog training issues

The key areas that Charlotte can help you with are:

Dog Behaviour Modification

General Dog Training

Puppy Training

  • Begging at the table while you eat
  • Showing aggressive behaviour to other animals or people
  • Is nervous and lacks confidence
  • Barking “uncontrollably”
  • Not coming when called
  • Not listening to you when out and about
  • Howling at inappropriate times
  • Inappropriate weeing in house
  • Inappropriate pooing in house
  • Jumping up on you or jumping up on visitors to your home
  • Mouthing, nipping or play biting
  • Excessive paw chewing or licking
  • Noise phobias – fear of fireworks, fear of thunderstorms
  • Poo eating
  • Digging your garden or flower beds
  • Is doing compulsive behaviours like tail chasing
  • Is pulling on the leash
  • Is lunging at other dogs while you’re walking
  • Food guarding or resource guarding
  • Has separation anxiety
  • Whining for attention
  • Marking in house
  • Mounting
  • Herding people and other animals
  • Inappropriate chasing – chasing cars, bikes, skateboards etc.
  • Jumping on furniture
  • Escaping your property
Dog Training Sunshine Coast