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Group Puppy School Classes In The Sunshine Coast

Looking For A Puppy Training School?

Learn how to properly socialise your puppy and set them up for success as a confident, well-rounded companion. Prevent bad puppy habits before they occur.

Hurry! These spots fill really fast!

Sunshine Coast Puppy Trainer Charlotte Bryan is offering puppy classes in the Sunshine Coast. Charlotte’s puppy program has a large focus on puppy socialisation and also covers basic training & stopping unwanted puppy behaviours. Each batch of puppy classes runs for 4 weeks and has 6 puppies (so you have enough puppies for socialisation but a small enough number that you can get one on one help from Sunshine Coast puppy trainer Charlotte Bryan).

Charlotte focuses on instilling confidence in your puppy and setting them up for success. Charlotte’s puppy course is an intensive four weeks, one hour per week. The cost is $120 and the classes are centrally-located in Mountain Creek 4557 for your convenience.

In addition, Charlotte also runs 1 on 1 puppy training sessions and a puppy socialisation service.

Have A New Puppy? Learn...

  • How to properly socialise your puppy
  • How to teach your puppy to walk on a leash
  • How to teach your puppy to stop biting
  • How to teach your puppy to sit
  • How to teach your puppy to stay
  • How to teach your puppy their name
  • How to teach your puppy to calm down

Are There Any Requirements For Enrolling In Puppy School?

  • Puppies must at least had their first set of vaccinations
  • Puppies must be no older than 12 and a half weeks at the time of the first class.

What Should You Bring To Each Puppy Class?

  • Your puppy!
  • Some tasty treats
  • A treat pouch – a treat pouch/bag makes it easy for you to hold on to and quickly access treats throughout the puppy class – you can bring your own or buy one from Charlotte on the day!
  • A standard puppy leash (no retractable leads please)
  • A standard collar/harness  (no front attach harnesses please)
  • Some water & a water bowl for your puppy
  • Your puppy’s bed
  • A yoga mat or towel for you to sit on
  • Hat, suncreen, water bottle for yourself
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