Puppy Training Sunshine Coast

Private Puppy Training Lessons In The Sunshine Coast

Looking For A Qualified Sunshine Coast Puppy Trainer or Puppy Behaviourist?

Book a session with Sunshine Coast Puppy Trainer & Qualified Dog Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan today!

Training humans to train their dogs.

“Charlotte was brilliant, she has helped us immensely with turning our cheeky puppy into a well behaved boy! Charlotte is full of knowledge & very patient, I highly recommend her!”

– Alicia W with Beans

Sunshine Coast Puppy Trainer Charlotte Bryan is offering private puppy training sessions on the Sunshine Coast.

Charlotte can help you and your new puppy with general obedience, puppy biting, excitable jumping, destructive chewing, puppy hyperactivity and more.

Cost is $70 per hour. Discounts apply if you book more than one session!

If you’re looking for group puppy classes, check out Charlotte’s puppy school.

Charlotte also offers a puppy socialising service for young pups under 16 weeks of age.

Struggling With These Puppy “Problems”?

  • My puppy won’t settle down
  • My puppy has too much energy
  • My puppy keeps biting me
  • My puppy keeps peeing inside
  • My puppy keeps crying
  • My puppy keeps pooping in the house
  • My puppy is scared of everything
  • My puppy is growling

Charlotte Can Help You And Your New Puppy In The Following Areas (And Any Others!)...

  • Mouthing, nipping or play biting
  • Jumping up on you or jumping up on visitors to your home
  • Noise phobias – fear of fireworks, fear of thunderstorms
  • Poo eating
  • Begging at the table while you eat
  • Showing aggressive behaviour to other animals or people
  • Is nervous and lacks confidence
  • Barking “uncontrollably”
  • Not coming when called
  • Excessive paw chewing or licking
  • Not listening to you when out and about
  • Howling at inappropriate times
  • Inappropriate weeing in house
  • Inappropriate pooing in house
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Lunging at other dogs while you’re walking
  • Food guarding or resource guarding
  • Has separation anxiety
  • Whining for attention
  • Marking in house
  • Mounting
  • Digging your garden or flower beds
  • Doing compulsive behaviours like tail chasing
  • Herding people and other animals
  • Inappropriate chasing – chasing cars, bikes, skateboards etc.
  • Jumping on furniture
  • Escaping your property

How Do You Start – What is the process?

Call 0435 740 077 or email dogtraining@pawsclawstails.com.au.

Charlotte will email a questionnaire for you to fill out to give Charlotte a clearer picture of your puppy’s history and the problem behaviour.

Charlotte will arrange a date and time for your first session.

Discounts apply when you book four sessions or more.

During your first session, Charlotte will observe the issues you are having with your puppy, give you some tips that you can implement straight away and suggest a plan to improve the problem beahivours going forwards.

After the meeting, Charlotte will email you a summary of what was discussed and the plan going forwards.

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