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Read How To Reduce Your Dogs Anxiety With Anti-Anxiety Treats


Published On Aug 24,2021

Why Anxiety Treats For Dogs Are Important?

Pets like dogs and cats can suffer from anxiety. It can be explained as a natural response to fear, somewhat confused and chaotic. The freeze, fight, and flight responses are an essential survival tool, generated and adapted through years of evolution. It is a healthy response that gets activated in reaction to a real threat. Anxiety in dogs occurs when this response occurs in the expectation of something that may not do real harm (for example firecrackers, sound of thunderstorms, a new environment, etc). Dogs may develop anxiety issues for a number of causes, from socialization when puppies to health complications due to aging to some traumatic experiences or even genetics.

Dealing with your beloved dog’s anxiety is an issue of much importance, and understanding the factors that contribute to your dog’s anxiety may help you decide on the best method for helping her/him.

Symptoms of Dog Anxiety

Dogs cannot speak and tell when or why they might be feeling anxious. Their behavior may offer some clues. Some of the significant behaviors to look for related to anxiety are as follows:

  • Aggression
  • Urinating or defecating inside the house
  • Drooling
  • Panting
  • Destructive behavior
  • Less than normal movement
  • Excessive barking
  • Pacing
  • Restlessness

Another form of anxiety is the separation anxiety, which is linked to dogs who have been shifted from his/her old shelter to a new address.  Such forms of anxiety may be triggered due to a change in regime, guests joining or leaving the house, or simply being left alone, for any amount of time.

There are some occurrences where you may be able to find the triggering causes of your dog’s anxiety and help her to overcome it. Although on some occasions, your dog’s anxiety may be totally out of your control. In those times, you may want to look for an alternative remedy—which brings us to calming treats. During those times, you may want to look out for an alternative therapy- which leads up to anxiety treats for dogs, also known as calming treats.

Calming/Anxiety Treats- What are they?

Anxiety treats for dogs are non-medicinal anxiety-treating alternatives that use herbs and vitamins as their active ingredients. These can be offered to dogs for helping them with anxiety-related symptoms. As these alternatives have a calming effect, they can help in removing the stress from your dog. The calming or anxiety treatments for dogs fall under the nutraceuticals category and are similar to the nutritional supplements offered to humans. Anxiety treats can be given to dogs during events of stress triggering instances such as traveling, visit the vet among many others.

Distraction Measures

Loud noises can create a lot of anxiety in dogs. In such an event as heavy fireworks, distraction can help counter anxiety among dogs. This distraction can be brought about by many measures. Machines that produce a lot of noise in a quiet room are useful. To keep the dog occupied mentally, puzzling toys are another tool. These measures can shift focus from the loud noise and reduce the anxiety level of your dog. Anxiety treats can also be administered along with distraction measures during moments of such stresses.

Dogs are just another living being and they also go through similar mental strains and anxiety-like human beings. At some point in their lives, most dogs go through some anxious moments. Similarly, the majority of the anxiety among dogs is difficult to diagnose due to variations in the severity, and thus anxiety treat of dogs is important. This makes it important to have some understanding of the symptoms, and reasons for anxiety, and you can choose the best treatment for your loved one. 

Hot Tip

For some dogs, kibble doesn’t cut it. So, a mix of kibble, wet meat or higher value treats may need to be trialled. Furthermore, if your dog has already eaten kibble before getting it again during training or throughout the day, this can make it less desirable.

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