How can you calm down a hyper dog?

dog chewing on bone

dog chewing on bone
So many people turn in dogs to an animal shelter because the dog has developed behavioural issues due to hyperactivity.  Shelters are jammed with dogs who chewed everything they could find, dug holes in the yard and barked too much.  Dogs that are full of energy and have no outlet can be a nuisance but owners have the responsibility to deal with that energy.  Here are the right ways to calm down your hyper dog:

  1. Obedience Training / Learning Tricks. When you attend obedience training with your dog it can help him to become calm and learn more about what is expected of him.  Learning a new skill helps your dog to use his brain.
  2. The number one way to calm your dog is to make sure he has enough exercise.  A long walk of at least 60 minutes is ideal, one first thing in the morning and one in the evening.   An intense game of catch or Frisbee can help your dog to become worn out and if you can’t do that in the day, consider having a dog walker do it for you.
  3. Use Smart Toys. Toys that entertain your dog or require him to manipulate the toy to access food can help to keep your dog occupied.  These toys can force your dog to use his brain.
  4. Teach your dog a new game. There are plenty of dog games including disc dog, dog agility and canine freestyle that can help to build a solid bond between you and your dog.  These sports offer mental and physical exercise but the formal training can take a great deal of time and money.  You can set up an obstacle course in your back yard and teach your dog games at home.
  5. Stick to a routine. Dogs that have been rehomed many times tend to have plenty of insecurity and long for routine.  When you develop a routine and stick to it your dog learns what to expect and this can help him to remain calm.   A typical routine could involve an early morning walk, and game of fetch then being inside the home for a few hours.  Around lunchtime someone could come and let your dog out and take him for a quick walk.  In the evening after everyone has dinner you can take your dog our for another walk.

There is no need for a detailed schedule for each day, but some type of routine can help your dog to feel calm and have a positive effect on him.  Dogs need a good balance of physical and mental exercise to keep them from becoming bored.  Coming up with a solid combination of activities and your time spent with your dog is important.  Some dogs enjoy a lot of walk time while others like to spend hours playing with toys.  You and your dog can work out a balance of what works best for you through trial and error.  If you find that your dog enjoys one activity over another then that is something that you should spend more time doing with your dog.

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