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Quick Dog Training FAQ

Charlotte Bryan

Published On Aug 11,2023

Dog Growls when awoken!

Q: I’ve noticed that my dog occasionally growls when my partner or I try to pick him up, especially when he’s asleep or doesn’t wish to be moved. How can we prevent this behavior? I’m worried it might escalate to a more serious issue.

A: Great question. The first thing to consider is how long you’ve had your dog. Sometimes new dogs who are still settling in can growl because of a defence mechanism to being picked up by “strangers” if they are a bit nervous or anxious. This can take a couple of weeks to overcome while the dog settles in. On top of this we should always ensure we’re never spooking puppies even by accident – I.e. making sure they know we’re approaching them (which I’m sure you’re doing anyway). I would also be ensuring the Shoei is getting plenty of scheduled nap times throughout the day. Puppies need lots of sleep throughout the day as they grow and develop and lack of sleep will generally make their behaviour worse. If you have a crate/playpen/room for Shoei to sleep in, I’d be putting Shoei in there a couple of times each day for “enforced” rest away from you. Try those, always happy to help and give you more tips once you’ve tried that.

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