how to calm down a hyper dog

How can you calm down a hyper dog?

Unfortunately, lots of dogs are surrendered to dog shelters because their owners can’t deal with their dog’s high energy or over-excitedness and the undesirable behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing and digging that accompany this. If you are noticing that your dog seems hyper or over-excited, the issue is likely […]

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How to register your dog in queensland australia

How To Register Your Dog

Owning a dog is both fun and rewarding, but it does come with its own set of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities – at least if you’re a resident of Queensland, Australia – is having your dog registered with your local council. Why should you register your dog? If you’re […]

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy – A Beginners Guide

Owning a dog is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Few things can beat the feeling of arriving home to an excited, tail-wagging, furry companion. And while a dog will definitely inundate you with joy and love, owning one does come with several responsibilities (and even a couple of challenges to […]

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