1FitDog OneLeash 9 In 1 Multi Function Dog Lead


The One Leash You Need For Your Big Dog

When it comes to the ultimate dog leash, this is it. With at least 9 different uses, the OneLeash will be there for you in many situations.


10 Ways You Can Use The 1FitDog OneLeash 9 In 1 Multi Function Dog Lead

(See bottom of this page for detailed instructions on using your 1FitDog OneLeash™)

  1. Normal Dog Leash
  2. Extra Long Dog Leash
  3. Dog Car Seatbelt
  4. Hands-free Shoulder Strap
  5. Two-handed Dog Leash
  6. Tether
  7. Makeshift Dog Collar & Lead
  8. Double Dog Leash
  9. Triple Dog Leash

The 1FitDog OneLeash™ is tough, durable, made from premium quality materials and construction and comes complete with anti-shock mechanisms, decreasing the impact to your arm, shoulder and dog’s neck if your dog suddenly pulls on the leash.

The OneLeash™ has a lifetime warranty on workmanship. Currently, It only comes in the colour BLACK.

Only the best for you and your pooch!



1FitDog OneLeash – 9 Uses

  1. Normal Dog Leash – Use it as a normal dog leash with a solid collar clip and comfy padded handle
  2. Extra Long Dog Leash – Clip the OneLeash Extender™ to the end of the OneLeash™ and attach the other end to your dog’s collar
  3. Dog Car Seatbelt – Use the built in car seat clip to restrain your dog in the car
    Hands-free Running Leash – Simply clip the OneLeash™ around your waist and clip the extension (comes with the OneLeash™) to your dog’s collar or harness
  4. Hands-free Shoulder Strap – Turn the OneLeash Extender™ into a shoulder strap and attach to your dog – perfect for service dog handlers
  5. Two-handed Dog Leash – Perfect for dogs you want a little more control over, the OneLeash™ has two comfy handles
  6. Tether – Need to tie your dog up temporarily, the handy OneLeash™ can easily be tied around a pole with our strong carabiner and D-ring
  7. Makeshift Dog Collar & Lead – Forgotten your dog’s collar? Don’t worry! The OneLeash™ can easily be converted into a dog collar and leash.
  8. Double Dog Leash – Need to walk two dogs? The OneLeash™ can easily accomodate two dogs whether they be the same size dogs or have a difference in height
  9. Triple Dog Leash – Perfect for dog walkers who need to walk three dogs at once, the OneLeash™ can accomodate upto three dogs at once

What You Get With The 1FitDog OneLeash™ 9 In 1 Multi-Function Dog Lead

The 1FitDog OneLeash™ includes:

  1. The OneLeash™ Main Lead (the part with the seatbelt in it)
  2. The OneLeash Extender™ (the dual end part)
  3. A Heavy-duty Carabiner (comes attached to the rock-solid D-ring on the Main Lead
  4. An official 1FitDog tag so you know the product is coming from us

How To Use Your 1FitDog OneLeash

There are at least 9 different ways you can use the 1FitDog OneLeash™. Details (and instructional images & videos) are below for your convenience.

#1 Normal Dog Leash

The primary function of the multi-purpose dog lead is to act as an everyday dog leash. The Clip that attaches to the collar is strong and durable, and the handle is padded for your comfort. The body of the OneLeash™ has an anti-shock bungee mechanism to reduce any shock to your wrist and shoulder, and also to your dog’s neck if they pulled suddenly. You can also attach the OneLeash Extender™ to the end of the Main Lead, giving your dog an extra 50cm or 1m to roam (depending on what you choose).

#2 Dog Car Seatbelt

Once you have finished your walk and returned to your car, simply click the car buckle (located near the handle of the OneLeash™) into the seatbelt port in your vehicle. The anti-shock bungee mechanism in the dog leash itself will keep your pooch restrained whilst also protecting them from any sudden jerks.

#3 Hands-free Running Leash

Teach your dog to place their front two paws on the 1FitDog Canine Balance Disc and alternate between the “down” and “stand” obedience positions.

#4 Hand-free Shoulder Strap

Teach your dog to place their front two paws on the 1FitDog Dog Balance Disc and move their hind legs in a circle around the disc (pivoting on their front legs).

#5 Two-handed Dog Leash


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