Hi, my name's Frankie. I'm a dog actor and dog model available for hire

I can act, do tricks and can be trained to do anything. I am perfect for any film, tv show, commercial or shoot.
Frankie Dog Model For Hire Australia

About Frankie

Border Collie Frankie was born March 27th 2019 in Brisbane. He now resides on the Sunny Coast. Frankie is:
  • Good With Dogs
  • Good With Strangers
  • Able To Work In New Environments & Under Distraction
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Frankie knows many tricks

Frankie already knows a vast number of tricks. On top of that, he can be taught a unique trick to suit your next shoot.
  • spin (both directions)
  • reverse away from you
  • turn and back up through legs
  • place his front paws on any object
  • place his back paws on any object
  • retrieve
  • bring objects
  • pick objects up or put them down
  • recall
  • sit
  • stay
  • roll over (both directions)
  • put his paws on handler’s shoulders
  • cock his head to one side
  • get on objects/get off objects
  • sit pretty
  • bow
  • high five (with both paws)
  • target (touch any object with paw)
  • touch (touch any object with nose)
  • army crawl
  • wear halter/muzzle
  • wear any dog clothes
  • play dead
  • circle handler or objects
  • run around handler or objects in reverse (i.e. backwards)
  • go sit on a seat
  • go to bed
  • go into his crate
  • tug on any object
  • lateral leg weaves (both going forwards and backwards)
  • leg weaving whilst handler moving (both going forwards and backwards)
  • Can side step
Border Collie Frankie Is Available For Nation-Wide Travel

We're happy to travel

Frankie is able to complete shoots, commercials, feature films or tv shows anywhere in Australia*

*Travel fees may apply

  • Customize everything
  • Intuitive panel
  • Free updates
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What has Frankie done?

Read Frankie's list of all his previous work in product modelling, photo shoots, tv shows, commercials and feature films.

Product Modelling:

  • Pawise – Dog Hi Vis Vest
  • Pompreece – Dog Boots
  • Prestige Pet Products – Squeaky Dog Toy

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