Hi, my name's Frankie. I'm a dog actor and dog model available for hire

Due to COVID19, all modelling will be conducted virtually (ie you send us the products and we'll take the modelling shots either in nature or in our home studio) - there will be no in person modelling until COVID becomes less of an issue. ALL MODELLING PHOTOS WILL BE FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME.
Dog Model For Hire Australia

About Frankie

Border Collie Frankie was born March 27th 2019 in Brisbane. He now resides on the Sunny Coast. Frankie is:
  • Good With Dogs
  • Good With Strangers
  • Able To Work In New Environments & Under Distraction
Hire Frankie Today!

Have a look at the below images to give you an idea of the types of photos we can take.

We can do indoor, pool or forest/meadow backgrounds. We can also take photos in front of plain backgrounds in our home photo studio.

Frankie knows many tricks

Frankie already knows a vast number of tricks. On top of that, he can be taught a unique trick to suit your next shoot.
  • spin (both directions)
  • reverse away from you
  • turn and back up through legs
  • place his front paws on any object
  • place his back paws on any object
  • retrieve
  • bring objects
  • pick objects up or put them down
  • recall
  • sit
  • stay
  • roll over (both directions)
  • put his paws on handler’s shoulders
  • cock his head to one side
  • get on objects/get off objects
  • sit pretty
  • bow
  • high five (with both paws)
  • target (touch any object with paw)
  • touch (touch any object with nose)
  • army crawl
  • wear halter/muzzle
  • wear any dog clothes
  • play dead
  • circle handler or objects
  • run around handler or objects in reverse (i.e. backwards)
  • go sit on a seat
  • go to bed
  • go into his crate
  • tug on any object
  • lateral leg weaves (both going forwards and backwards)
  • leg weaving whilst handler moving (both going forwards and backwards)
  • Can side step

Unfortunately there is no nation-wide travel until we get through COVID.

But you can get your free modelling shots. Find out more below.

Get free modelling photos of Frankie with your products

As we are unable to travel due to COVID19, we are moving our modelling service from in-person to virtual. What does this mean? It means we’ll take the photos locally in and around the area in which we live. You can specify what photo you would like.

All you need to do is tell us what sort of photo you want and send us the products you want featured (you pay for shipping).

What you get, a couple of unique, high-resolution, watermark-free images of Frankie posing with your products that you can use on your social channels, website or anywhere you want.

Backgrounds you can choose from

  • Beach Setting
  • River Setting
  • Forest Setting (Hiking Shot)
  • Park Setting
  • House Setting
  • Pool Setting
  • Car Setting

Frankie’s activities/poses in photo

You can have in different poses (or doing different activities) in your photo.

Frankie can be photographed:

  • Sitting (either front on or side on to camera)
  • Standing (either front on or side on to camera)
  • Sitting Pretty (Bum on ground and front paws in air)
  • Running (either front on or side shot)
  • Catching frisbee or ball (jumping or running)
  • Swimming (front on or side on)
  • Waving
  • Holding product in mouth
  • Sitting next to product


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