Dog Model For Hire

Dog Model For Hire For Photoshoots & TV Commercials Australia-Wide

Dog Model & Dog Actor Available For Hire Australia-wide

Frankie is a lovely 2 year old Border Collie available for hire as a model for still photography, videography or commercials.

Frankie knows 200 tricks and can pick up new ones quickly.

He can reliably work in different situations both off and on lead. He will reliably work around other dogs. Frankie can also swim, catch frisbees, hold objects in his mouth and pose with his sit pretty trick.

Frankie can perform on camera (with handler directing him from behind the camera), with his handler on camera or with one of your actors.

Dog Model & Canine Actor For Photoshoots and TV commercials.

Frankie is a very charming dog and is loved by everyone who meets him.

He performs better in outdoor settings (but can do indoor too).

Frankie is normally available for hire Australia-wide. If COVID19 restrictions are in place then Queensland-only jobs please.

It costs $50/hour to hire Frankie if you’re in the Sunshine Coast region.

If outside the Sunshine Coast, cost is $80/hr + travel fee – if an overnight stay is required, you’ll be required to cover that as well.

We require a minimum of one month’s notice prior to the job to sort out timetabling and travel etc. At this time, please also make us aware of any specific tricks you want Frankie performing.

Frankie's Tricks

Frankie’s list of tricks is too long to put here but his more commonly used ones are:

  • spin (both directions)
  • reverse away from you
  • turn and back up through legs
  • place his front paws on any object
  • place his back paws on any object
  • retrieve
  • bring objects
  • pick objects up or put them down
  • recall
  • sit
  • stay
  • roll over (both directions)
  • play dead
  • circle handler or objects
  • run around handler or objects in reverse (i.e. backwards)
  • go sit on a seat
  • go to his bed
  • go into his crate
  • tug on any object
  • open door, close door
  • jump through a hoop
  • recall
  • hold objects in his mouth
  • get on objects/get off objects
  • sit pretty
  • bow
  • high five (with both paws)
  • target (touch any object with paw)
  • touch (touch any object with nose)
  • army crawl
  • wear halter/muzzle
  • wear any dog clothes

Frankie's Modelling Portfolio

Refined Plubing Sunshine Coast – Virtual Modelling

Pestrol Australia – Virtual Modelling

Friendly Dog Collars – Virtual Modelling

DoggyTopia – Virtual Modelling

Nicola Brander Photography – In Person Modelling