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Sunshine Coast Dog Agility

Fun & Casual Dog Agility Sessions On The Sunshine Coast

Dog Agility Sunshine Coast

Casual fun private dog agility sessions on the Sunshine Coast (not for competition).

No matter your dog’s breed, age, fitness level or level of training, all dogs are welcome!

If you are looking to compete, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a fun activity to get rid of some of your dog’s excess energy and are looking to strengthen your bond then this is the service for you.

All sessions are tailored to the individual client. Puppies and older dogs are welcome.

You’ll get photos and videos taken during each session to keep – if you’d like.

Sessions are $35 for 45 mins.

Hope to see you and your dog soon! Please choose a time below to book your sessions.

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Why Should You Do Dog Agility With Your Dog?

There are many benefits of doing dog agility with your dog, including:

  • Your dog receives mental stimulation
  • It helps get rid of your dog’s excess energy
  • It helps your dog develop body awareness and how to interact with obstacles
  • It helps your dog develop resilience
  • It helps your dog build their confidence which can help with reducing anxiety
  • It keeps your dog fit, increases endurance and strengthens bones and joints, and helps prevent weight gain
  • It gives your dog the oportunity to learn and problem solve
  • It provides your dog with the opportunity to run and jump
Roger Hugelshofer
Roger Hugelshofer
Charlotte has done some great training with our groodle puppy Coco. We learnt a lot and the behaviour has massively improved. We can highly recommend her
Kirsty Lott
Kirsty Lott
Charlotte has an amazing wealth of knowledge that has helped correct our Labs behaviour. Her hands on approach is easy to follow and our dog always loves to learn new tricks with her agility training.
Trish Craig
Trish Craig
Charlotte is excellent with puppy training and I highly recommend. Teaches discipline with such love and care
Elyna Stephenson
Elyna Stephenson
Charlotte is an amazing dog trainer. She trained my 15 week old puppy and we have already seen significant behavioural improvements from the first session. Couldn’t recommend her more!
Erin McIntosh
Erin McIntosh
Charlotte was such a blessing and we are so happy that we found her at our local soccer fields! She was so quick in replying and calming me down when I felt I was failing at training my puppy! Charlotte is professional and so sweet and I felt absolutely no judgement as I made my training mistakes and she would quickly give me strategies to fix it & they worked! I already know my little Winnie is going to grow up to be a happy and well trained dog and that is thanks to the help of Charlotte, I would have been lost without her!
Rachel Corey
Rachel Corey
Charlotte has been amazing for us and our 6 month old Labrador. Charlotte has not only taught us as owners how to help our puppy but has helped him learn new behaviours. Charlotte is very relaxed and friendly who communicates directions clearly. I highly recommend Charlotte’s services.
Roy Colquhoun
Roy Colquhoun
Charlotte has a passion for dogs and people and has an upbeat nature which makes her class engaging and enjoyable. Charlotte has an extensive depth of knowledge and teaches so much more than just sit and stay. She is educating our 9 year granddaughter and her little puppy the language and signs best to use to build a proper bond between owner and dog. It takes a special kind of human to understand people and dogs and Charlotte is this special person. We know our granddaughter looks forward to every lesson. We highly recommend Charlotte.
Alicia Wright
Alicia Wright
Charlotte was brilliant, she has helped us immensely with turning our cheeky puppy into a well behaved boy! Charlotte is full of knowledge & very patient, I highly recommend her!
Janaya Wright
Janaya Wright
Good dog trainer, knows what she’s doing
Heather Jaques
Heather Jaques
Marlo and Sasha have got a lot out of their sessions with Charlotte. They will look forward to attending regularly. Highly recommended.

Dog Agility For Kids

Does your child like to teach your dog tricks?

Bring them along and let them teach their dog how to run through an obstacle course!

  • They’ll learn how to teach their dog the different obstacles
  • They’ll learn all about positive reinforcement dog training
  • They’ll learn how to work with their dog to navigate an obstacle course
  • They’ll learn how to teach their dog some cool tricks
  • They’ll have a lot of FUN running around and spending time with their pet!

Lessons are conducted by Charlotte Bryan who has passed the Queensland Government’s Working With Children Check and possesses a Blue Card. You can request to see this at any time.

Sunshine Coast Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan is Blue Card Accredited