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Frankie the Border Collie can teach you the alphabet and make learning your ABC’s super easy and loads of fun!

Living in sunny Queensland, Australia, Frankie is a 3 year old Border Collie that is highly trained and loves to learn new things. Right now, he’s learning the alphabet and you can too, when you read Frankie’s book and engage with him.

Suitable for children 4 and above, or from kindergarten or Grade One upwards, “Frankie’s Alphabet Day” is the perfect learning resource. Not only do you get to follow Frankie’s fun day to of adventure, but you will also learn the alphabet along your journey. In the story, Frankie plays inside and outside, makes a visit to the vet and even has adventures at his local dog park.

Throughout the story, all 26 letters of the alphabet are covered, starting with A for “Awake” as Frankie prepares to embark on another day of fun, finishing off with Frankie going to sleep at Z.

One letter of the alphabet is featured on every full-colour, double-page spread of this exciting story. The layout is simple and the text is very easy to read. One side of each double-page spread features the story’s text, while the opposite page features a fun picture of Frankie that is relevant to the focus word and letter of the alphabet. Identifying the focus word is easy, as it’s coloured so readers can see the word within the sentence. Learning those ABC’s is made easier through repetition and that’s how Frankie’s young audience of fans will learn.

The book is a fantastic learning resource for kids and is very easy to read along with an adult. It’s also perfect for teachers and children who read themselves. Learn the alphabet with Frankie the Border Collie today!

ISBN 978-0646856506

Number of pages: 67

Language: English

Book Dimensions: 21.59 x 0.41 x 27.94 cm


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