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Dog Trick Classes

Fun Trick Dog Training & Certification On The Sunshine Coast

Dog Trick Classes Sunshine Coast

Do you want to dog something fun with your dog? Do you want to keep your dog mentally stimulated? Do you want to learn something new?

PCT offers our very own Trick Dog Training & Certification course right here on the Sunshine Coast.

You don’t need a “super talented” dog, just bring along your family pet and join in on the fun! Kids welcome with a parent or guardian!

In our program, we have 4 levels; Foundation, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced and you can progress as far as you like – you get a certificate and ribbon after each level!

On average, you learn 8 cool tricks with your dog (see our list of tricks below). You could even join our Trick Dog Squad™!

Dog Trick Classes Sunshine Coast

No matter your dog’s breed, age, fitness level or level of training, all dogs are welcome! But, please ensure your dog is able to give you some focus around other dogs.

This course is 4 weeks long and run on Saturday mornings . During the course, you’ll learn how to teach your dog around a dozen dog tricks – and string them together into a mini routine!

Classes run for 50 mins at one class per week for the 4 week course. Limited spots available! Please click here to secure your place.

Classes are conducted at Doggie Adventure Playhouse (4/18 Kayleigh Dr, Buderim QLD 4556).

Hope to see you and your dog soon!

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Our 4 Course Levels & List Of Tricks

Level 1 – Foundation Trick Course
(12 tricks over 4 weeks)

  • Follow a lure
  • High Five & Paw
  • Spin & Turn
  • Moving Leg Weaves
  • Tell me a secret
  • Paws Up (front two paws on an object)
  • Tunnel
  • Touch
  • Circle Handler
  • Go round an object

Level 2 – Beginner Trick Course
(8 tricks over 4 weeks)

  • Bar Jump
  • Figure 8s
  • Get on an object (all four paws up)
  • Roll out a carpet or nudge a ball
  • Roll Over
  • Sit Pretty/Beg (with support from handler)
  • Walking with dog’s paws on human’s feet
  • Wave

Level 3 – Intermediate Trick Course
(8 tricks over 4 weeks)

  • Crawl
  • Bow
  • Fetch / Bring an object
  • Pivot around an object
  • Say your prayers
  • Jump through a hoop
  • Reverse away
  • Wave


Level 4 – Advanced Trick Course
(8 tricks over 4 weeks)

  • Cross Paws
  • Hooped Arms
  • Orbit
  • Reverse leg weaves
  • Carry object in mouth
  • Cover Eyes / Shy
  • Tidy up toys
  • Limp

Become part of our Trick Dog Squad™!

Think your dog has what it takes to perform in front of a crowd?

PCT are looking for dogs proficient in obedience, tricks, frisbee or other sports to become part of our demonstration team and Trick Dog Squad™.

Anyone can apply by emailing but those who have completed training with Charlotte or Paws, Claws & Tails are preferred.

Why Should You Do Dog Trick Classes With Your Dog?

There are many benefits of doing some dog trick classes with your dog, including:

  • Your dog receives mental stimulation
  • It helps get rid of your dog’s excess energy
  • It helps your dog develop body awareness and how to interact with obstacles
  • It helps your dog develop resilience
  • It helps your dog build their confidence which can help with reducing anxiety
  • It keeps your dog fit, increases endurance and strengthens bones and joints, and helps prevent weight gain
  • It gives your dog the oportunity to learn and problem solve
  • It provides your dog with the opportunity to run and jump
Sunshine Coast Dog Trick Classes
Dog Trick Classes Sunshine Coast

Dog Trick Class FAQs

Q: How long are the dog trick classes?

A: Our dog trick courses run for 50mins each week over 4 consecutive weeks.

Q: Where are the dog trick classes held?

A: At the moment, our dog trick classes are held at our fully fenced, shaded, centrally-located dog training field within the Buderim Pony Club. Address: Ballinger Park Sports Complex, Buderim 4556. 

Q: How do I pay for sessions?

A: As our courses are quite popular, we require that you pay for each course upfront in order to reserve your place.

Q: What do I need to bring for the dog trick classes?

A: Please bring a collar or harness, leash, treats and your dog’s favourite toy (if they’re toy motivated).

Q: Is there an age limit for my dog or puppy for entry into your trick courses?

A: No there is no age limit, dogs and puppies of any age can participate – though it makes sense that you do some general puppy training (like puppy school) first before you start teaching tricks.

Q: Is there a breed restriction for these dog trick classes?

A: No, dogs of any age, breed and “intelligence” are able to participate in this course.

Q: How much do your trick courses cost?

A: Each trick course costs $165 for the full four weeks – but includes your premium certificate and ribbon at the end of your course.

Q: Do you offer trick training during the week or on the weekends?

A: At the moment our trick classes are run on Saturday mornings – when these get booked out (or if we have lots of interest for a weeknight class) then we’ll be opening courses during the week as well.

Q: How do I book sessions?

A: Please visit our “How To Book” page for instructions on booking. Or, if you already know what to do, please visit our “Book Now” page.

Q: I’m not located in the Sunshine Coast (or classes are held too far away) but I still want to get my Trick Dog title.

A: That’s ok! You can complete your trick dog titles online!