Puppy School
Instructors Course

A Comprehensive Puppy School Instructors Course For Those Looking To Start Up Their Own Puppy Classes

Why Do An Online Puppy School Instructors Course?

Puppyhood is a crucial part in the lives of every dog and attending a good puppy school or hiring a quality private puppy trainer is very important in meeting the physical, mental, emotional and developmental needs of a puppy.

This comprehensive 12 chapter course is conducted entirely online and can be completed from anywhere in the world. This course covers everything from early puppy development to puppy health & grooming to planning and conducting quality puppy school classes that your (potential) clients will love.

This course is great for dog trainers, aspiring dog/puppy trainers, vets, vet nurses, doggy daycare staff, dog groomers and anyone else looking to start up some puppy classes.

What's Included In This Puppy School Instructors Course?

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – The Pros & Cons Of Puppy Classes
  • Chapter 3 – Puppy Communication & Development
  • Chapter 4 – Nature vs Nurture
  • Chapter 5 – Interactions Between Puppies
  • Chapter 6 – Socialisation
  • Chapter 7 – Exposure & Experiences
  • Chapter 8 – Basic Obedience Training
  • Chapter 9 – Overcoming Undesirable Behaviours
  • Chapter 10 – Puppy Health & Grooming
  • Chapter 11 – Creating A Puppy School Curriculum
  • Chapter 12 – Instructing Puppy Classes

What You Get By Completing This Course?

By completing this course, you receive extensive knowledge and competency in puppy class instruction and training along with the skills to begin tackling uncommon, problem or undesirable behaviours in puppies.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of competency and are allowed to use the letters CPSI after your name.


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