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Canine Actors

Hire Frankie For Your Next Movie Or TV Show Australia

2 Year Old Border Collie
“Frankie is an amazing trick dog and can be taught almost anything.”

Hire Bandit For Your Next Movie Or TV Show Australia

10 Year Old Jack Russell x
“Great little dog , perfect for walking shots, lying on the couch and more!

Hire Milo For Your Next Movie Or TV Show Australia

9 Year Old Bichon Frise x
“A super cute little dog who knows some fun and cute tricks!”

Guinea Pig Actors

Guinea Pig Model and Actor Australia

2 Week Old Guinea Pig
“The boldest, most friendly guinea pig you’ll meet!”

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Our Animal Actors?

When it comes to hiring out our animal actors, there are no “one size fits all” approach to the cost to hire. There are several factors that contribute to the total cost of hiring one (or more) of our animal actors, including:

  • How many hours will you require our animal[s] for
  • What tasks do you require our animal[s] to do
  • Where the project is located – depending on where your project is and the animal you’d prefer, there may be a travel cost involved
  • The number of animal actors you require for your project

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