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Online Dog Trick Titles

Have A Bit Of Fun With Your Dog & Teach Them Some Easy Tricks To Earn Certificate & Ribbon!

Earn Your Dog A Certificate & Ribbon For Their Dog Trick Title

Fun & Easy Tricks That Will Help Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated! This is suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages and levels of training and any dog owners who want to teach their dog something new.

How Do You Get Your Dog's Dog Trick Title?

It’s a really easy process!

  1. Simply, download our trick checklist and it will tell you what tricks your dog needs to know to get each title.
  2. Teach your dog the required tricks and then film each trick. Once you’ve filmed each of your tricks, string all the individual clips together into one video using some basic video editing software. See below as an example:
  3. Upload your trick video to YouTube (you can set it to UNLISTED if you wish), pay for your title and send us the URL!
  4. We’ll review your video and send you out a Certificate and/or Ribbon (depending on the package you choose).

OR attend our in-person dog trick classes on the Sunshine Coast and receive your certificate and ribbon at the end of the course!

Why Should You Get Your Dog's Trick Titles?

  • You get a certificate and ribbon for your dog (who doesn’t want that!)
  • You will have a handful of tricks to show off at your next family gathering
  • You are keeping your dog mentally stimulated – this keeps their brains young as they age and prevents hyperactivity and boredom.
  • You are enhancing your bond with your dog – the more training and time you spend with your dog, the stronger your bond will be and the easier it will be to train them to do important obedience cues
  • You get to have some fun!

What Does It Cost To Get Your Dog's Trick Title?

In order to complete your online certification, you’ll need to choose one of the below packages:

Gold Package – Deluxe Hardcopy Certificate + Ribbon = $60 (including postage, within Australia)

Silver Package – Deluxe Hardcopy Certificate Only = $45 (including postage, within Australia)

Bronze Package – Online Certificate Only = $25

*Online Trick Dog Certification can be completed from anywhere in Australia or Internationally. Postage prices may apply to those living outside Australia.

NB: There may be a delay in sending out your ribbons & certificates as these are printed on demand. We’ll wait until we have a certain number of certificates before getting them printed.

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