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Doggy Daycare Sunshine Coast

Daycare for your dog on the Sunshine Coast

Doggy Daycare Sunshine Coast

At Paws, Claws & Tails we’re proud to be partnering with Doggie Adventure Playhouse!

Doggy Daycare Sunshine Coast - Doggie Adventure Playhouse

The PCT mantra is “let your dog be a dog” and a big part of this is ensuring that your dog has an outlet for play. Doggy Daycare is a fantastic way to provide this outlet for your dog in a fun but safe environment.

Why Do We Love Doggie Adventure Playhouse?

  • Doggie Adventure Playhouse (DAP) has indoor, climate-controlled rooms to keep your dog as comfortable as possible.
  • DAP has three separate rooms for dogs to have fun in and dogs are always grouped with dogs with a similar level of confidence and energy level.
  • DAP has “quiet areas” for dogs that need a little break from all the other dogs.
  • DAP has many activities for the dogs to part take in and these vary each time so that your dog is having many new experiences at doggy daycare.
  • Most importantly, the team at DAP share the same passion, highest respect and love for dogs that Charlotte Bryan and Paws, Claws & Tails do.

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