Intro To Obedience Course Sunshine Coast

Enrol in Our 4-Week “Intro to Obedience” Course Designed to Give You a Solid Obedience Foundation Using Positive, Stress-Free Methods. All In 4 Weeks.

Transform your dog’s obedience a with our 4-week ‘Intro to Obedience’ course, where you’ll master essential skills like sit, drop, stay, recall, loose leash walking, and leave it (basic level), all while fostering a strong bond with your dog through positive, stress-free methods.

4 Week Intro To Obedience Course Sunshine Coast - Paws Claws Tails


  1. Enhanced Communication: Learn effective communication techniques to establish clear cues and commands, facilitating better understanding between you and your dog, leading to smoother interactions and cooperation, and easier training.
  2. Increased Confidence: Build confidence in both you and your dog as you progress through the course, mastering new skills and overcoming training obstacles together, ultimately allowing you to navigate real-world scenarios with ease.
  3. Personalised & Positive Guidance: Receive individualised attention from an experienced trainer who utilises positive, stress-free techniques tailored to your dog’s unique learning style and temperament, ensuring a supportive and effective learning environment for both you and your best friend.
4 Week Intro To Obedience Course Sunshine Coast - Paws Claws Tails


Welcome to our ‘Intro to Obedience’ course, where building a strong foundation of obedience is made easy and enjoyable for you and your beloved companion.


Priced affordably at $199, this comprehensive 4-week program offers a holistic approach to dog training, focusing on essential skills like sit, drop, stay, recall, loose leash walking, and leave it (basic level). Under the guidance of experienced dog trainer Charlotte Bryan, you’ll discover the power of positive, stress-free techniques tailored to your dog’s needs, fostering a deep bond and mutual understanding.


Join us on this transformative journey, and unleash your dog’s full potential!

Dogs and puppies of all ages, breeds and sizes welcome – must be fully vaccinated.

Please note: Children under age 12 are not permitted in this class.

“Intro To Obedience” Course FAQs

Q: Is this course suitable for my dog, regardless of age, breed, or prior training?

A: Absolutely! Our ‘Intro to Obedience’ course welcomes dogs of all ages, breeds, and training levels. Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to reinforce existing skills, this course is tailored to meet the needs of every pup.


Q: How many dogs are typically in each class?

A: To ensure personalised attention and effective learning, we limit our class size to 4 to 6 dogs per intake. This small group setting allows Charlotte to provide individualised guidance and support to every participant.


Q: What training methods do you use in this course?

A: We prioritise positive, stress-free training methods that focus on building trust, strengthening the bond between you and your dog, and achieving desired behaviours through reward-based techniques.


Q: Can I participate if my dog has behavioural issues?

A: Absolutely! Our experienced instructors are equipped to address a variety of behavioural issues using positive reinforcement techniques. However, please reach out to discuss your specific concerns so we can ensure the course is the right fit for your dog’s needs. This course may not necessarily be specific enough for reactive dogs.


Q: What is included in the course fee of $199?

A: The course fee covers all four weeks of instruction, access to an experienced trainer, personalised guidance, and a comprehensive curriculum covering essential obedience skills.


Q: Why are no children under 12 allowed in class?

A: To maintain a focused and conducive learning environment for all participants, we have chosen to implement an age restriction of 12 and above for class attendees. While we value the involvement of families in the training process, the presence of younger children require additional supervision and attention from their guardians, which detracts from the overall learning experience for both the child, parent and other class members. By limiting attendance to individuals aged 12 and older, we can ensure that all participants receive the personalised instruction and support they need to succeed in the course.

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