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Paws, Claws & Tails Services

Paws, Claws & Tails Has A Number Of Sunshine Coast Dog-related Services

Dog Training

Sunshine Coast Dog Trainer Charlotte Bryan offers dog training and behaviour management services on the Sunshine Coast.

Whether it is basic obedience (and lack there of!), aggression, leash reactivity, fear or hyperactivity, Charlotte can help you and your K9 companion.

Puppy Training

Need help with your puppy? No matter whether it is helping you through that “puppy shark” biting phase, keeping your hyper puppy calm, assisting with toilet training or even just planning your day around your puppy, Charlotte can help you with your puppy problems.

Puppy School

Is your puppy less than 16 weeks of age? Enrol them in our 4 week puppy course and get them started off on the right paw!

The group classes involve lots of socialisation, basic puppy obedience and techniques for curbing puppy problems.

Puppy Socialisation

When it comes to socialising your puppy, you can never do too much of it (so long all experiences for your puppy are positive and build their confidence). It’s not just important for teaching your puppy proper social ettiquette but it also develops resilience in your puppy so they mature into confident, well-rounded adult dogs.

Let a Qualified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist get in some extra social time with your puppy while you’re at work!

Wedding Dog Handler

Want your dog at your wedding? Hire one of our wedding dog handlers so you can have your best friend at your wedding and not worry about where they are and what their doing!

You can also tell us what you want your dog to do on your special day whether that be as a wedding guest or as a member of the wedding party.