Fun Dog Scent Work Classes
Sunshine Coast

Enrichment Through Scent Detection, Give Your Dog A Job

We offer both group and private dog scent detection classes. Teach your pet dog to detect different odours with our Nosework classes.

og scent detection classes for pet dogs sunshine coast


  1. Mental Stimulation: Nosework engages your dog’s powerful sense of smell, providing mental stimulation that is both enriching and satisfying for them. This mental exercise helps alleviate boredom, reduces anxiety, and channels their energy into a positive activity, promoting a balanced and contented dog.
  2. Bonding and Communication: Participating in scent classes fosters a stronger bond between you and your dog. As you work together as a team, your communication and understanding of each other improve. It’s a shared activity that builds trust, enhances obedience, and strengthens the connection between you and your furry companion.
  3. Build Confidence: Nosework allows your dog to use their natural abilities, boosting their confidence as they successfully locate scents and solve challenges. Through positive reinforcement and the joy of discovery, your dog gains confidence in their abilities, leading to a more confident and self-assured demeanour in various situations.
og scent detection classes for pet dogs sunshine coast


Help your dog learn the exciting and engaging skill of scent detection in our brand new nosework classes! Also called Scentwork or Scent Detection, our trainers will guide you and your furry friend through a 6-week course, with one 45-minute class per week, to develop their scent detection abilities.

All dogs and puppies are welcome to participate in our course, provided they are fully vaccinated and able to focus in a group setting. Our training premises are located at the Buderim Pony Club, where we will assemble at the front gate. Address: Ballinger Park Sports Complex, Buderim 4556.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your dog a new and rewarding challenge. Enrol now in our new scent detection course and see the amazing skills your dog can develop!

No matter your dog’s breed, age, fitness level or level of training, all dogs are welcome! Reactive dogs are welcome, however we require that you enquire via email before booking so we can discuss your needs. Hope to see you and your dog soon!


Our group scent classes are 60 minutes long and are limited to four dogs. No prior experience is necessary – just a positive attitude. Courses run for consecutive 4 weeks with dates listed on our booking page. There are no make up classes if a class is missed – however a private session can be booked to catch up.

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If group classes aren’t suitable for you, private sessions might be. These lessons are more flexible and are entirely tailored to you and your dog. Lessons can be conducted at a beginner level all the way through to an advanced level for those wanting to fine tune their technique.

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