Therapy Dog Training
Sunshine Coast

Certify Your Pet Dog As An Offical PCT Therapy Dog!

Therapy Dog Training Sunshine Coast

Do you have a social dog and want to do your part to give back to your community? Why not consider certifying them as a therapy dog?

It’s important to understand that therapy dogs are not assistance dogs! Therapy dogs do not perform tasks to aid an individual with a disability. Rather, they visit places like hospitals, nursing homes, schools and kindergartens and provide emotional support to residents/patients.

If you are looking to get or train an assistance dog, visit our Assistance Dog page.

How Do You Start – What is the process?

  1. Get in touch with Charlotte via the enquiry form on our contact page.
  2. Charlotte will book in a date and time for your initial consultation where you can make a plan about training your therapy dog and booking an assessment for certification.
  3. Charlotte will help you train your therapy dog and conduct a certification exam upon completion.