Puppy Raising & Training Seminar - PLUS Q&A

Get All The Info You Need To Raise A Happy, Confident Well-Rounded Companion & Ask Your Own Questions!

Have a new puppy or just about to get one? This must-attend puppy seminar will give you all the ins and outs of puppy raising ownership and training and will provide you with the opportunity to ask a real world dog trainer your personal puppy questions.

About Our Comprehensive Puppy Raising & Training Seminar

About The Seminar

This intensive 1.5-2 hour seminar is conducted by Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan who specialises in puppy cognition and early development. Charlotte runs many puppy school classes every week and through this extensive experience has developed a winning approach to puppy raising and training that helps dog owners raise the companion they want (so long as owners maintain the training through the early months). Charlotte has put together this seminar to help puppy owners get their dogs started off right.


This in person seminar is for adults only (as puppies and small children only provide distraction). This way you can devote your full attention to absorbing all the information given throughout the seminar and taking notes.


The seminar is conducted on Tuesday Evenings from 6:30pmpm at the Buderim Pony Club (in the clubhouse) where there is access to toilet facilities and is wheelchair accessible. Cost is $60 per person to attend (or $100 for 2 people) and there is limited seating available (booking in advance is a must, please note that only those who have booked a seat are able to attend).

Seminar Content

What's Covered In The Seminar?

  • Types Of Dog Trainers & Training Approaches
  • What’s Motivates Puppies
  • How Puppies Learn
  • How Your Puppy’s Breed Affects Their “Trainability”
  • How To Develop Focus In Your Puppy
  • How To Properly Socialise Your Puppy – Including Socialisation Mistakes People Make
  • Developing Desirable Behaviours & Habits Within Your Puppy
  • Setting Boundaries At Home & Out
  • A Simple Process That Can Be Applied To Any Undesirable Behaviour In Order To Alter It
  • Myths & Common Mistakes with Puppy Raising
  • Dealing With High Energy Dogs – Excitement vs Anxiety
  • The Importance Of Confinement
  • Preventing Separation Anxiety
  • Preventing Resource Guarding
  • High Value Vs Low Value Rewards & Motivators
  • Building Confidence Vs Resilience PLUS The Difference Between The Two
  • Additional Training Methods
  • How To Be An Effective Leader Without Instilling Fear
  • How To Prepare Your Puppy For Vet Visits

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Seminar Suitability

Who Is This Seminar Suitable For?

This seminar is suitable for:

  • dog owners who have just gotten a puppy and want to get them started off right
  • dog owners who are about to welcome a puppy into their home
  • first time puppy owners
  • dog owners who have previously had puppies but want a refresher course
  • those who just want some questions answered
  • those who want to train their puppy themselves at home with a bit of initial guidance
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